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Space entrepreneurs wanted for the next business frontier

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space entrepreneursMany people still think that space technology is reserved only for the NASA and billion dollar companies. But today, space technology is reaching the hands of the masses. More and more space entrepreneurs are being empowered by easy access to funds and technology. It is a revolution and it has no signs of stopping. One thing that helps speed up this revolution is entrepreneurship. With entrepreneurship, more people will get interested on exploring space technology and its potentials. In addition, many doors of opportunities will open for individuals and businesses. It is just the perfect time to stir the pot and create something out of the box. This will create innovation in space technology and how people build businesses. This means more exciting possibilities and more exciting opportunities for everyone. This could be similar to the sudden burst of opportunities in the apps industry. First, people are buying the smartphones. Next, people are also buying apps. The platform was there first. Then the market proves that it wanted more.

Why Space Tango

They call it the Space Tango because space entrepreneurship requires a lot of movement and improvisation. It is important that one watch over his feet carefully. If an entrepreneur gets stepped on, they will just need to adjust and go on with the dance. The world has the platform now when it comes to space technology and its applications to business. With high-speed communication and gadgets accessible to many, innovation is always just around the corner. In addition, there are companies now that support people who want to take advantage of the innovations and opportunities about space technology. For anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the space revolution, it is important that he or she get knows what those opportunities are and how they can be used to improve everyone’s lives.

How Space Tango helps space entrepreneurs

Space Tango helps to encourage people to think differently about space technology. Through Space Tango, more and more people are thinking of how to create a product or company dealing with space. This is a very different kind of thinking compared to how to launch satellites and space shuttles. It is also important for Space Tango to see what is already out there. They want to see the space companies and help them succeed. They will provide the seed fund to make the space companies improve and launch their space products. In addition, they also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers to work together building viable successful companies and continuing the innovation process on the space technology and products.

What is exciting about space technology and entrepreneurship

Many people are familiar with computer and business savvy individuals who started companies in the garage. They started web and software companies that are earning up to billions of dollars of revenue per year. Maybe in the near future, space companies will take over. That is a bold prediction. Right now, it requires millions or billions of dollars to fully take advantage of space technology and use it on business. But with the support of the different companies that encourage innovation and help people with huge ideas, funding and technical support would be less of a problem.

What are the potentials and opportunities

Many will admit that space technology is just getting started. There is a lot of room for growth and possibilities. In addition, more and more people are now thinking that the advances in space technology can be used in other industries. For example, the gaming industry can largely benefit from the developments in the space technology. Companies can come up with games that use the satellites and other related technology. Another example would be the medical field. Deeper understanding about diseases and organisms might result from the developments in the space technology. Bioengineering in space can bring about important medical applications on Earth. As with many scientific and technological breakthroughs, adjacent applications can result from the breakthroughs in space science and technology. Unrelated fields might benefit from the advances in space products. The technologies used in building space products might also be used on other products. This will lead to more and more opportunities and possibilities. This could also lead to advances in other fields because there are times when breakthrough innovations happen when one is searching for something but he finds another. When a scientist or engineer is trying to solve a problem, the answers he could find may not directly solve the problem but these could answer other types of problems.

How to spot an opportunity and earn from it

It is important to look at space technology from a commercial standpoint. The progress and the business should be sustainable. This can only be achieved if a space company brings in sufficient profits to continue operations. Sufficient profits come from enough customers who really need what the space company offers. It is important that the space company develop products that solve problems and that have paying customers. Aspiring entrepreneurs should not only focus on the science and engineering side. They should also give priority to the business side of a space company. It is important that anyone who wants to have a space company should understand and know the customers. Market size and other market definitions should be determined so that the space company will be sustainable. It is very helpful to know who the customer is and what his problem is. This way, people will benefit from what the space company is working on. It is also helpful to do some market analysis so that the efforts of the company are worth the investment.

Where to get help

For individuals or groups who want to build a space company, they need all the help they can get to start one and make it sustainable. They need technical and financial help because space technology projects require expertise and finances to pull off. As mentioned earlier, it is important that aspiring entrepreneurs understand the business side of a space company. They need mentors and advisors to teach them and guide them how to start and run the business. Aspiring entrepreneurs need help from people who have a wide knowledge and experience in space technology and entrepreneurship. One company who has these expert mentors and advisors is Space Tango. Space Tango is a business accelerator for companies building space products. It will help the entrepreneurs get more funding and more expert help. Image cc via Flickr by NASA

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