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Low Cost Zero Gravity Experiments

microgravity nanoracks zero g zero gravity

nanoracks experimentIt is now possible to do a zero gravity experiment in space for under $30,000. Experiments have become so affordable that schools and research institutes are now taking advantage of this. Through Nanoracks, it is now possible to learn about space without spending millions or billions of dollars. In addition, Nanoracks is using the familiar platforms so that more people will take part in this revolution. Space technology has a lot to offer and thanks to Nanoracks, it is within the reach of anyone who is willing to learn more about space.

How Nanoracks works

Nanoracks is a company that provides the platform for anyone who wants to conduct an experiment or research in low-earth orbit. One can approach Nanoracks with his or her research concept and the company will determine if the concept is compatible with Nanoracks platform. Nanoracks will then provide a timeline for the project. The people at Nanoracks would also determine the budget. The budget depends on the project itself, the timeline to complete the project and the launch.  Nanoracks takes care of everything including the transport, paperwork, safety, integration of the payload and the operations. The researcher only needs to focus on the payload and their concept. The research would not need to bother with the tedious tasks especially about the paperwork. Nanoracks would be the one to deal with different organizations including NASA to make it easy for the researcher to focus on his or her work. The people behind Nanoracks are experts in the field of space technology and engineering. The company also brings a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers together to make sure people from different institutions can launch their projects in space without spending much money or without bothering with the paperwork and other details. This way, people can just focus on their ideas and their research concepts.

How Nanoracks started

Nanoracks is committed to low-cost space projects, standardization of hardware and understanding the customer. It started with the vision of building low-cost projects so that people can take part in the space revolution. More people would take part in launching and conducting experiments in space because of affordability. In addition, Nanoracks uses open-source facilities. It is a magnificent way for people to harness their creativity and to drive innovation on the space technology and exploration.

What is great about Nanoracks

Nanoracks is already using familiar platforms and proven technologies. NASA is already doing the launching of satellites and payloads. The only difference is that Nanoracks takes it commercially. It means that ordinary people can take advantage of space technology and design their own experiments and research. Nanoracks makes it affordable and within reach of ordinary people. To make the projects feasible, Nanoracks is even partnering with NASA. This way, the customers of Nanoracks are sure about their dream projects coming into life. This is not only about research and exploration. This is also about giving access to ordinary people. This is the reason Nanoracks is always working towards better customer satisfaction. The company is always working to make the projects and launches more affordable and more accessible. This way, more and more people can take advantage of what Nanoracks has to offer. Even high schools are already participating and taking advantage of what Nanoracks has to offer. This is not surprising because Nanoracks has worked hard to make space technology and exploration accessible to different institutions even to high schools. In addition to affordability and accessibility, ordinary people and institutions can also take advantage of the development speed of their projects. Within a year, it is possible to have a project ready for deployment into space. This is a lot faster than the conventional methods offer. In a typical NASA project, it might take a few years before it is ready for launch. With Nanoracks, it will just take less than a year for a customer to see his or her project in space. The development is fast, and he or she gets the best help from the team of experts in Nanoracks. The customer or researcher can also just focus on his or her project. As mentioned earlier, Nanoracks will take care most of the work, especially the paperwork. The paperwork itself can already consume a lot of time and resources from a researcher. It is indeed a big help to have someone else to take care of the paperwork. This way, the researcher can focus in his or her work and take advantage of what Nanoracks has to offer. With the speed, affordability and accessibility, one can already see his or her research concept into space. One can already take advantage of the existing technologies such as Arduino and CubeSats to make it easy to design a research or an experiment. In addition, one can also take advantage of the professional help from a team of experts at Nanoracks. Image cc Flickr via Nanoracks

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