Kepler-186f Print


Let’s be honest—the Earth is alright for somewhere to stay, but the best place to live is probably Kepler-186f. Maybe that’s jumping the gun a bit, but still, we can’t help but be excited by the discovery of the awesome planet, which can of course support life and water, so we decided to commemorate it with this high-quality poster.

Created with the best commercial printer on the market, this intricate work is colorful and vibrant, but not overwhelming. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to last and look good indefinitely, thanks to the aforementioned print quality, as well as the museum-grade Epson Enhanced Matte Paper that is used—which is acid-free and shockingly durable.

Earth is good, but still, we can’t stop thinking about Kepler. And with the help of this poster, we—and you—don’t have to.

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These Space Travel Prints are made with Epson Enhanced Matte Paper and are ideal for anyone looking for a flat matte surface. This paper is perfect for images and yield highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

They are museum quality on thick, durable matte archival acid free paper. Sizes are specified in inches.


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