Liquid in Space (Zero Gravity) Video Round Up

Liquids in Space (Zero Gravity) behave much different than here on Earth. We’ve compiled the best video examples we could find from around the Internet.

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4K Video of Colorful liquid in space

Astronauts used a 4K camera to capture a science experiment in never before seen detail. The experiment: dissolve an effervescent tablet in a ball of water.

Don Pettit’s liquid science experiments

Filmed in zero gravity aboard the international Space Station, NASA Astronaut Don Pettit explores the behavior of water bubbles.

Astronaut Dan Pettit plays around with large spheres of liquid water on the space station, as he demonstrates surface tension and wave propagation.

Parabolic Flights

Why does water behave in such weird ways in microgravity? We went on a parabolic ‘vomit comet’ flight to investigate.

Testing Water Balloons in Zero Gravity

Other cool liquid in space science experiments


Zero Gravity water and Seltzer experiment

Astronaut demonstrates drinking coffee in space