How Can We Make Space Exploration More Affordable?

With the high costs of funding space travel and dwindling government support for new initiatives, will the progress we’ve made in exploring our universe soon come to a grinding halt? The answer, thankfully, is no. Government institutions like NASA have long been the forerunners in developing technologies for traveling outside the range of our atmosphere. […]


Liquid in Space (Zero Gravity) Video Round Up

Liquids in Space (Zero Gravity) behave much different than here on Earth. We’ve compiled the best video examples we could find from around the Internet. [bctt tweet=”Cool videos: Liquid in Space – check them out #NASA”] 4K Video of Colorful liquid in space Astronauts used a 4K camera to capture a science experiment in never […]


Could we live on Mars?

Could we live on Mars? This is a question that is getting asked more and more as as organizations like Spacex and Mars One are publicly working towards a future human settlement on the Red Planet. Granted, it can be argued that Spacex is a serious contender while Mars One is not…but that’s a topic for […]

3D Printing, Rockets

Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing and Space Exploration

3D Printing is revolutionizing space exploration and this is only the beginning. From lowering the cost of prototyping and working spacecraft and launch vehicle parts – to enabling new kinds of designs and capabilities…the future is looking good. We believe 3D printing is going to democratize the Aerospace Industry in a similar way that PC’s revolutionized […]