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Our goal is to introduce space exploration to people who have, until now, thought that it was only obtainable by large governments. 

DIY Space Exploration offers a wide range of information, tips and guides to help you join the new revolution in Personal Space Exploration. Oh…and we sell some really cool space themed apparel and accessories so you can get your space geek on!

Past Space Exploration

Space exploration in the 60s was all about larger than life heroes facing death in a race against the Russians to reach the unknown. The 80s witnessed scientists being sent into space to learn how to live and work in the New Frontier while conducting research and exploiting microgravity to create impressive science. Then it was all about sending probes to new and never before explored planets, always pushing just a little bit further into space in a quest to go where no man has gone before.

Future of Space Exploration

Now with the improved power of computing, knowledge made available by the internet and affordable tools we are finally entering an era where regular people can participate in the exploration of space. I’m not talking about just watching CNN or a student sending up a balloon as a science project, but rather creating real businesses, doing real science and being able to do all of this on a budget that would make this kind of undertaking impossible just 10 short years ago.

 New Frontier

This is literally a brand new frontier, no one has any real experience in this new age of space exploration. Some have been tinkering with rockets in the desert for years, others have been investing in the industry and are beginning to see signs of the great things to come. Still others have been building microsatellites and launching them into space. There has never been a cohesive industry and we don’t yet know what one looks like, but we are learning every day and we are closer than we have ever dreamed possible.

This is why we so happy you decided to join us on the internet’s premier website for Personal Space Exploration, where together we will explore the New Frontier.

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This is just a sampling of what you can expect to find at our website and we are adding more everyday. So please come and explore and join us in learning about the last frontier!

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