Post Launch Satellite Tracking

Post-launch operations are equally as important as pre-launch testing and integration. Especially when this is the first satellite you have ever launched, this can be a very apprehensive phase for most researchers. We are here to help. Here are some tips on what to do after you have launched your satellite into space and are [...]

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Charles Miller on Government and Commercial Space

Charles Miller is the president of NexGen Space LLC, a space and public policy consultancy that provides client services at the juncture between civil, commercial, and national security. A former NASA Senior Advisor for Commercial Space, Miller has led a half dozen NASA commercial space teams responsible for assessing barriers to commercial space projects, satellite [...]

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Meet Blaze Sanders: CTO of Sol-X

Blaze Sanders is CTO of Solar System Express (Sol-X), a startup that designs reconfigurable advanced robotic control systems and navigation software for commercial space companies. Blaze graduated with dual Bachelor’s degrees in electrical and computer engineering from John Hopkins University in 2010.  He was the technical program manager of JURBAN, the Google Lunar X Prize [...]

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Various Options of Imaging Modules for Your CubeSat Payload

A CubeSat, like other spacecraft, can be divided into multiple smaller subsystems including Power, Communication, On board data handling, Attitude determination & control as well as a satellite payload subsystems. The payload determines the actual mission and objective of the CubeSat. Most CubeSats carry one or two scientific instruments as their mission payload. A camera [...]

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